May 24, 2016

Camp Supernova - Coming Soon

Guess what...

Apr 20, 2016

Radar Retreat 3

Would you like to connect with other like-minded guys with the same need for rest and relaxation? SGRadar has just the thing for you this May! In the third instalment of our Radar Retreat series, we head to the beach for you to chillax and have some beach fun! Great activities with prizes to be won! Goodies for everyone too! Why wait? Don’t hesitate! Sign up for Radar Retreat 3 now!

Register at:

Date: 28 May 2016, Saturday
Time: 2pm to 6pm
Venue: TBA to registered participants only
Fee: $10

This programme is open to GBQ men age 26 to 35 years old only.

Radar Retreat 3 is proudly sponsored by Talking Toes, Superslyde, Quiero, The Jock Shop and milk & honey.

Apr 10, 2016

Blaze 2: Cycle to Coney

When’s the last time you were out in the park? Join us as we explore Coney Island by bicycle! Here’s your chance to get in touch with nature on the cool Saturday morning of May 14. Aside from showing you new sights, we hope to use the short time away from the bustle of the city to come up with something creative.

Are you up for the challenge?

Mark your calendars:
Date: 14 May 2016, Saturday
Time: 8am to 12pm
Cost: $20 (including 3-hr bicycle rental and refreshments)

Sign up now at

This programme is open to GBQ youth age 18 to 25 years old only.

Blaze 2: Cycle to Coney is proudly supported by milk & honey.

Mar 4, 2016

Acts of Greatness Award!

SGRainbow's Senior Programme Manager, MH, is one of the four recipients of the Acts of Greatness Award. Here is his response to the award:

"I have never put in effort for SGRainbow hoping to get any form of recognition. I believed that there are many others who have done so much for the community and I would like to share this award with them. The challenges and the uncertainty makes all the work we do exciting and worthwhile. This is my first award ever since I started SGRainbow years ago. Having this award does not mean that the work stops here. It's a motivation for me to keep on going!

People always question how SGRainbow is surviving considering that there are many social media apps such as Grindr and Jack'd, and youth nowadays can find whoever they want to in a hassle-free manner. But what I can say is, these platforms are different and they serve different purposes. There is that authenticity when you meet someone in real life and you don't judge them based on their looks, ethnicity, religion, disability and so on. This is important. We are so used to the apps and having the notion of a 'perfect person', that we forgot about the things that we don't see that is deep within.

There is still so much we can do on the ground level. I do implore youth to take the initiative and do what they feel best. It is alright to make mistakes and fail. As cliche as it sounds, we pick ourselves up, learn from those mistakes, and we strive to do better the next round!

Thank you to all - organisations, colleagues and friends - who have helped make the community a better place to live in."

To read MH's story or view other champions, click here.

Jan 24, 2016

Hang Out 1 - Our Future

Come join us at SGRendevous' new programme - Hang Out 1! It's the first in a series where you can expect to make some new friends and find common topics to discuss. In this first edition, we explore the visions we have for ourselves and the LGBTQ community. It's an exciting way to start the year!

Date: 20 February 2016, Saturday
Time: 2pm to 6pm
Venue: TBA to registered participants only
Fee: $8

Note: This programme is only opened to GBQ men from the age of 18-25 years old.

Hang Out 1 is proudly sponsored by Twelve cupcakesBooksActuallyFreeing SG and Escape Hunt.

Oct 23, 2015

23rd Israel Film Festival - The Good Son (M18)


The unbelievable story of 22 year old Or, who secretly finances his sex change operation in Thailand by lying to his conservative parents – and then returns home as a woman to face her new life, her family and the cost of living her dream. Will she make her mother and father accept her back? Will she learn to take responsibility for her actions? The Good Son explores how far we are forced to go in compromising our morals, our loved ones and everything familiar to us in order to become whole with ourselves. This is an exciting tale about fear, self-doubt, willpower, and the importance of family and being able to be who you are.

Language: Hebrew (with English subtitles)

Buy your tickets now here!